For years I've collected vintage photographs of men from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. These images for me represent a masculine ideal, if largely a constructed one. Their bearded faces and distinguished attire are spectacular, while their stiff poses and serious expressions belie a kind of vulnerability.

sold *

Meater,2015,oil on panel,16"x12" * 

Buck,2011,oil on panel,28"x24" * 

Chota Wallah,2015,oil-panel,30"x20": *

2 Beards, 2009,oil-panel,60"x48" * 

Blower,2011,oil on panel,20"x20" * 

Ginger,2012,oil on panel,48"x36" * 

Dipper,2015,oil on panel,24"x20" * 

Deevie,2102,oil on panel,60"x40" * 

Gammy,2014,oil on panel,24"x18" * 

Bearded,2009,oil on panel * 

Bearded,2009,oil on panel, detail * 

Tuppeny,2014,oil on panel,20"x16" * 

Sprater,2010,oil on panel,28 x18" * 

Pommie,2012,oil on panel,48"x32" * 

Deadweight-on-Velveteen,2012,18x14": *