I enjoy mixing images of Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen with still lifes infused with subtle historical and cultural references that reflect the beauty and delight of a natty man. In each impasto portrait, woozy colors and aggressive surfaces act as a foil to the sitter's stoic pose, reflecting a giddy ambivalence to nostalgia.

sold *

Zhooshy,2011,oil-panel, 60"x48" *  

Zhooshy,2011,oil on panel, detail * 

Los Angeles
Robert Schiell Collection: Los Angeles

Chopsy,2011,oil on panel,28"x24" * 

Right Smart,2011,oil on panel,60x60 

Diddy,2011,oil on panel,24"x24" * 

Left Handed Likely,2011,60"x48" * 

Mooey,2011,oil on panel,24"x24" * 

Priss,2009,oil on panel,40"x28"* 

Harry Hoofter,2011,oil,30"x20" *