Derived from opulent objects; mostly Gothic and Baroque sculpture originally created to spiritually inspire; these paintings choose to strip the all-male characters of context, suspending them in an existential vacuum.

sold *

Parade,2008,oil on panel,48"x36" * 

Tosh,2013,oil on panel,36"x27.5" * 

Chippy,2008,oil on panel,28"x28" * 

Spent,2008,oil on panel,60"x48" * 

Mumper,2009,oil on panel,12"x12" * 

Mucksnipe,2009,oil on panel,37"x29" 

King,2008,oil on panel,40"x30" * 

Kingly,2008,oil on panel,31"x29" 

Titfertat,2013,oil on panel,36"x33": *

Happy Clappy Brigade,2008,60"x90" * 

Installation, Koplin Del Rio