When painting baroque and gothic sculptures as well as decorative objects preserved in museums around the world, I focus on the sensuality and gender ambiguity I find in these images.

sold *

Frou Frou,2015,oil on panel,48"x36" 

Estofada,2008,oil on panel,40"x30" 


Bonce,2008,oil on panel,42"x42" * 

Case,2008,oil on panel,48"x36" * 

Gawpers,2008,oil on panel,48"x36" 

Mongrel 2,2008, oil on panel * 

Effie,2009,oil on panel,31"x29" * 

Wolfess,2009,oil on panel,25"x25" * 

Balmy Lamps,2009,oil-panel,37"x37" 

Starkers,2008,oil on panel,60"x60" 

Flash,2009,oil on panel,37"x46" * 

Installation, Sloan Fine Art